Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guide to Buy a Good Mobile Phone in Bangladesh

I was planning to write a few things about choosing a good mobile in Bangladesh. I have seen many guys who becomes frustrated just a few days after buying their desired phone. This happens for their failure to determine their necessity regarding the use of the mobile. There are lot of eye-candy mobile phones available in the market but is it worth buying? The answer varies among users regarding his necessity.  Let us try to find our answers in the light of the following words to choose the right one.

  • Brand New or Secondhand:
  • I know everyone don't have the budget to afford an iPhone,  Galaxy S3 or Note 2 or any other high end mobile phones. The cheaper option is available on the market to buy a secondhand phone. But, believe me it may lead you too a lot of legal & technical difficulties. I may share one example regarding the probable legal complications of buying an used mobile. Few days back one of my friend lost his iPhone 4S, he went to local police station and filed a G.D. about it. He found with the help of a law enforcing agency that his phone is using buy someone else . The law enforcing agency communicated with the guy who was using this & found that he bought it from a shop that sells used mobile. He was lucky enough to return the mobile to its owner without going to police custody for keeping a stolen product in possession. (I am planing to write an article about the legal complications of buying a secondhand device from an unknown person.)
  • Basic or Smartphone:
  • This is also important, I know a lot of guys buy a smartphone but their only purpose of use is fulfilled by a feature phone. So, should I buy a big screen, high resolution phone  because I have enough money? I think the answer should be no, unless you really need a smartphone. If you need a smartphone, you should think about your desired performance.... are you a heavy internet user, gamer, texter or you have a lot of job to be done about business activities or you are buying this for a good camera or multimedia entertainment. You will hardly find any handset at an average budget which fulfills all those criterion. So make a decision and than choose.
  • Budget
  • The most important determinants of your choice. If you are buying a handset with a budget of 10000TK you will have to make a lot of compromises. But take care of your most important aspiration if you don't want to be frustrated about your choice. Think about the budget and choose accordingly.
  • Android, Nokia Lumia or IPhone
  •  To be honest I am fan of android. But, this is not the only reason for my love towards android. If you have a scope for comparing three device of similar price from the three I am sure you will agree with me that android is the best. The open source android based devices are much cheaper than the contending windows or ios. Which results a lower price in same specs. But if you want luxury you can choice from any of them. But if I am to choose I would go for the android as from Bangladesh using an iPhone is a real pain as there is no official representation of apple here. Even you will have to face problem even using the apple app store if you don't have a VISA or MASTERCARD. The windows mobile app store is yet to flourished for real usable free apps. The google play (app store) is a great place for the android user to have their usable apps.
  • Brand?
  • Which brand should I choose? A great concern for many. Personally I have a love for the music phone.To me Sony Walkman is the best in terms of music. But there is a music series of all the other renowned brand. The Samsung Galaxy series, know doubt is the leading manufacture of android device but LG, HTC is also a big market player. The iPhone, if you love its vibrant display may go for it. The Nokia is a legend of the mobile manufacturer, buying a Lumia is not a bad idea if you are in love of the Nokia. If you want the cheaper option Ill tell you to think about Symphony or Walton. Which has already proven themselves as a key market player of the Bangladesh smartphone market. You can easily find your desired android from their collection at a more budget price. But if you want a basic phone Nokia comes first.
  • Few important specs
  • Choose a device at least with a 4 inch screen if you are going to buy a smartphone. The ram should be at least 512 MB (1gb is great ), processor 1ghz & screen should be capacitive with gorilla glass protection, if  photography is not important at all 3.2 MP may go but if you want to use it a 5MP is desired.(Flash is not a great addition as low light photography in most cases will be the worst). The most important thing than all is your battery standby time. It should last at least for a day on moderate use. It will be good to choose a battery of 1500 mAH or more. 
                                                                                                                            ( be continued)

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