Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best budget android mobile in Bangladesh.

I got a lot of request from my friends to write about the best budget android in Bangladesh. But in Bangladesh there is hardly any android mobile which comes with build quality in a cheap price. But recently users have a few good options to taste the android platform in a tight budget, and of course this is not a great choice for the high end mobile user. Rather these are a good choice for the first android experience. In my list I tried to include the android mobiles priced around 10,000 Tk.

1. Samsung Galaxy pocket: If you want to get a android mobile phone of a good brand in a tight budget in Bangladesh I think galaxy pocket by samsung is your best option.
Galaxy Pocket Price: 7,490 TK
It has all the available functions of an android phone but on a cheap price. The major setbacks of this set is its mediocre screen(2.8 inch) and camera (2 mp). You can get a view of its configuration by clicking here.

2. HTC Wildfire S: It was priced almost double a year ago. But, now you may have it only for 7,500 TK. It has a 5 MP camera with flash and 512 MB RAM. You can hardly expect any device from the renowned brand at this price. Its major setback is there is no official update after Android Gingerbread 2.3.  
 HTC Wildfire S Price 7,500 TK

 3. Sony Ericsson Xperia mini: You already know that the Sony Ericsson product is discontinued in the market from about a year ago. I personally don't love to have a device which is outdated. But, a brand is sometimes important for many. Xperia mini is a nice device. Though, there is no official update after the ICS 4.0. It also comes with 5 MP camera and 256 MB RAM. You can buy this for 8,500 TK.
Xperia mini price: 8,500 TK

4.Nokia Lumia 610: I know there are some guys who loves to have a Nokia Lumia thats runs the Windows Phone OS. Nokia Lumia 610 is for them. It comes with 5 MP camera and 256 MB RAM. Its runs on the Windows Os 7.5 Mango. Nokia Lumia 610 price is 8,500 TK.
Nokia Lumia 610 Price: 8,500 TK

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