Monday, July 15, 2013

Nokia Asha Huge Discount on Eid Promotinal Price

Nokia has announced  discounted price for Nokia Asha series. It is a part of their special Eid promotional campaign. If you want to know their detail specs make a visit to Nokia's website. Click this link to go there.

                          Discounted Price of Nokia Asha:
                                 Nokia Asha 305 Price: 5,900 TK
                                 Nokia Asha 306 Price: 5,600 TK
                                 Nokia Asha 308 Price: 7,100 TK
                                 Nokia Asha 309 Price: 6,900 TK
                                 Nokia Asha 310 Price: 7,300 TK
                                 Nokia Asha 311 Price: 10,150 TK

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